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System Upgrades

We are constantly striving to improve and upgrade our systems and this continuous improvement strategy leads to new developments in technology.


It is important that customers are aware of these developments so they can upgrade the performance of their existing plant and equipment in line with new technological advancement.


Changes have been made in respect of vacuum cooking and cooling equipment for example, in our striving to eliminate contamination we are replacing the old type direct condensers by an indirect condenser. In terms of achieving a more controlled vacuum cool we have developed a system where vacuum is controlled via. a ramping PID algorithm. This assists in improving quality of product and reduces loss of yield and volatiles.


On the confectionery side we can upgrade from batch cooking of product to continuous cooking, for example in the manufacture of liquorice.


In terms of electrical control systems our upgrades include PLCs, SCADA, recipe management and modem support.


As Mitsubishi Solutions providers, BCH offer PLC and HMI training that can be specifically aimed at our customer requirements.