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BCH manufacture a range of equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Toiletries Industries from single purpose-built items of equipment to full turnkey systems.





  • Small laboratory vessels to large scale production plants.
  • Custom designed for operation under atmospheric pressure or vacuum conditions.
  • Glove boxes or isolation containments.
  • ‘Calmix’ scraped surface Mixer for the mixing of creams, lotions and pastes.
  • High shear and turbine-type mixers for mixing and blending of creams with a variety of agitators.
  • Agitated Mixer for Optical Cleansing Solutions
  • Coaters in either stainless steel or copper for the coating of tablets.
  • Our equipment is manufactured from hygienic stainless steel, with a high quality finish to meet the required pharmaceutical standards.
  • All our systems are PLC controlled, guaranteeing optimum performance, as well as data, batch reporting, traceability and plant monitoring.


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Pharmaceutical Product Range