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TP Range (Twin Press)








The BCH Orbiter TP200 machine is a twin press head machine suitable for the manufacture of lidded pies, open tarts, or open case flans and quiches.


The machine has been designed with a twelve station rotary table driven by a high accuracy gearbox.  Mounted onto the rotary table are the unique Orbiter quick change platens, each with a working area of 250mm.


The machine is driven by an electronic inverter, giving complete variable speed adjustment.  The machine is PLC controlled using Allen Bradley hardware.


The BCH Orbiter TP200 is fitted with a set of quick change die assemblies for simple and efficient change-over between products, making this a very versatile piece of equipment.


Constructed in stainless steel and food grade materials, the machine is manufactured in accordance with current HSE & European CE standards.


Orbiter TP200 Nominal Output Data:-


Single Products – 1200 – 1800 units per hour.

Twin Products – 2400 – 3600 units per hour.

Four Products – 3800 to 5200 units per hour.