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Batch & Continuous RF Defrosters

In order to meet the demands of the current market, frozen food needs to be defrosted quickly and efficiently without compromising food safety.  Therefore customers are demanding quicker turnaround of products with more ‘Just in Time’ ordering systems.  All this can be achieved using our RF Defrosters.

We offer both a batch and continuous RF Defroster to suit individual requirements from 50kg/hr to 6000kg/hr.

The benefits of the RF Defroster are –

  • Heating times are shorter than all other heating methods.
  • Shorter processing time.
  • Batch processing can become continuous processing.
  • Increased yield.
  • Enhanced flavours by reducing drip loss.
  • Improved working environment – increased labour efficiencies.
  • Reduced waste.

Batch – 50kg/hr – 150kg/hr

This is available in 5kw and 8kw.

5kw – 800 x 600mm

8kw – 1200 x 600mm

Overall dimension – 1100(w) x 900(d) x 1850(h)mm

Batch – 150kg/hr – 500kg/hr

This is available in 15kw, 20kw and 30kw.

Dimension – 1100 x 2200mm

Batch throughputs are –

15kw – 180 – 300kg/hr

20kw – 250 – 400kg/hr

30kw – 300 – 500kg/hr

Overall dimension – 2850(w) x 35200(d) x 3500(h)mm











Continuous – 500kg/hr – 6000kg/hr



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