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BCH offer a range of steam jacketed cooking kettles.  All kettles are fully compliant with the latest PED regulations and are manufactured in accordance with PD5500.










Atmospheric Kettles

A range of standard steam jacketed kettles fitted with a 4 bar G steam jacket, available with a variety of mixer and processing configurations. The extensive standard BCH range enables surface areas to be matched to process requirements.


Pressure Cooking

Ideally suited to the production of many meat casserole products, the BCH pressure cookers are designed to operate at up to 1 bar G internal pressure, giving an equivalent maximum temperature of up to 120°C. The use of pressure greatly reduces the simmering time required to soften meat, often reducing this simmer time from hours to minutes.


Vacuum Cooking

Ideal for many jams, preserves and fruit cooking processes, the vacuum cooker can be used to ‘boil’ product at a lower temperature – this ensures that product caramelisation and evaporation levels can be controlled repeatedly to product requirements.


Steam Injection

Ideally suited to high protein products such as cheese or milk sauces, culinary steam is injected directly to the product ensuring that the sauce is heated quickly and surface burn-on is eliminated.



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