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Food Product Range

  • BCH Orbiter Pie Machinery

    BCH Orbiter manufacture a complete range of machines for the manufacture of Pies, Tarts, Flans and Quiche.   The product range starts with the SP Range, which is a single press head machine for the manufacture of open case products up to a OPL (Orbiting Production Line) which is a multi product system with quick change platen & tooling system.   Please click on the right hand side for more detailed information on each machine and ancillary equipment available.                  

  • Mixing

    BCH can offer an extensive range of mixing systems combined with heating or cooling packages where required:                  

    Vertical Mixing

    We have a range of single acting, inclined style or contra-rotating mixing heads available, with lift out options also available ~ each individually designed for your specific requirement.  

    Horizontal Mixing

    This style of agitation is ideally suited to large particulate products that require intensive blending ~ without causing damage to the particulated pieces.  

    High Intensity

    With the use of either propeller type blenders, high shear mixing heads, cutting blade configurations or multi-stage homogenisation, BCH can offer high intensity mixers to carry out a range of applications from simple powder dissolving & dispersion to fine particle reduction.  

    Universal Mixing

    This type of mixer has been designed to incorporate a high speed shear action blade in the base of the vessel, complemented by a slow speed scraper arm to ensure maximisation of heat transfer and thorough mixing and blending of the product. Primarily designed for the DAIRY INDUSTRY, the machine has been extended for use in the food and confectionery industries.    

  • Cooking

    BCH offer a range of steam jacketed cooking kettles.  All kettles are fully compliant with the latest PED regulations and are manufactured in accordance with PD5500.                  

    Atmospheric Kettles

    A range of standard steam jacketed kettles fitted with a 4 bar G steam jacket, available with a variety of mixer and processing configurations. The extensive standard BCH range enables surface areas to be matched to process requirements.  

    Pressure Cooking

    Ideally suited to the production of many meat casserole products, the BCH pressure cookers are designed to operate at up to 1 bar G internal pressure, giving an equivalent maximum temperature of up to 120°C. The use of pressure greatly reduces the simmering time required to soften meat, often reducing this simmer time from hours to minutes.  

    Vacuum Cooking

    Ideal for many jams, preserves and fruit cooking processes, the vacuum cooker can be used to 'boil' product at a lower temperature - this ensures that product caramelisation and evaporation levels can be controlled repeatedly to product requirements.  

    Steam Injection

    Ideally suited to high protein products such as cheese or milk sauces, culinary steam is injected directly to the product ensuring that the sauce is heated quickly and surface burn-on is eliminated.    

  • Cooling

    BCH offer a range of cooling packages, each designed to suit customers' specific needs:                  

    Vacuum Cooling

    The BCH vacuum cooling system is amongst the fastest and most efficient methods of sauce/product cooling available today. This equipment is available as a small 20 litre pilot plant right up to a 3000 litre production unit with typical batch cooling times of 45 minutes. This equipment offers many benefits for large particulate products.      

    Jacket Cooling

    Although this is relatively old technology and is not generally considered as fast nor as energy efficient as vacuum cooling, it is still a viable cooling option. When used in conjunction with vacuum cooling and vacuum transfer it can offer many additional flexibility benefits.        

    Continuous Cooling

    BCH offer a range of continuous scraped surface coolers, ideally suited for thick products with small particulates, which can be premixed, pumped & stored following cooling.

  • Cook & Vacuum Cool

    Cooking Kettles - A range of standard atmospheric or pressure cookers are available ranging from 50 to 3000 kilos batch size.   Vacuum Cooler - Process matched with the correct cooking kettle.  Cooling times are generally within 45 mins to cool from 95⁰C to 5⁰C - lower temperatures can be achieved.     Advantages of the BCH System:-

    • Increased production capacity
    • Rapid chilling time
    • Proven cooling system for batch sauce manufacture.
    • Reduces requirement for large quantities of storage containers, racks & floorspace.
    • When a single kettle is used for cooking operations alone, jacket heat is retained for faster heat-up times.
    • Large cooler discharge port to enable cold viscous products to be handled easily.
    • Modulated cooling can be used to eliminate damage to any of your delicate particulates.
    • Utilisation of an indirect condenser eliminates any possibility of direct product contact or contact with the recirculated cooling water.
    • In-built CIP devices enable simple rinsing between batches during manual cleaning operations or total process cleaning when used in conjunction with a full CIP package.
    • Easy to maintain - with accessibile components and seals that require minimal attention.
    • Customised PLC, HMI and SCADA systems.
    • Reduced labour costs - by doubling production with fewer operatives.
    • Trial equipment available in the BCH Innovation Centre.

  • CIP (Clean In Place)

    With hygiene being a high priority within food factories BCH manufacture a simple total loss rinse system or a fully automated multi channel recovery system.   With many years experience the BCH CIP System has been supplied to the ready meals industry with a typical washing process consisting of several rinsing cycles where the cleaning material is circulated through the pipework, valves, pumps, cooking equipment, holding vessel etc.     Typically, these systems are custom designed and manufactured as a fully assembled and pre-wired modular skid package.   Features:-

    • Stainless steel construction throughout.
    • Sanitary design principles.
    • Up to 6,000 litre capacity feed & recovery tanks.
    • Fully automated sequencing of the cleaning process along with complete integration with the core food process.
    • On-board HMI controls with stand alone PLC connected to the main process plant via Ethernet.
    • Selectable & configurable cleaning recipes via the HMI ~ different cleaning sequences for different parts of the plant.
    • Automatic detergent dosing, with full monitoring of outgoing & incoming detergent strength (pH conductivity probes).
    • Multi-channel options, each with variable speed delivery pump control.
    • Automatic monitoring of water flowrate & temperature on the flow return feed of each individual channel provided.
    • On-board steam heated heat exchanger systems complete with modulated steam control.
    • Optional waste product recovery tank.