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Other Equipment

Please click on the right for more information on our Coating Pans and Z Blade Mixers.


Or see below for further information on our Batch Cooking, Continuous Cooking, Extruders, Cooling Tunnels and Guillotines which can be sold individually or as part of a complete turnkey line.


Batch Cooking

BCH offer a range of Stainless Steel and Copper Vessels for the processing of Confectionery syrups and pastes from 10-3000 Kgs batch capacities. All sizes can be offered as Atmospheric, Vacuum or Pressure. Discharge by bottom outlet valves or tilt to discharge.  Syrups handled include jellies, caramels, fondants, creams, liquorice and high boil sweets.  We can build skid mounted mixing, cooking and holding vessels to suit each customer’s requirements.


Continuous Cooking

BCH’s uniquely designed Viscotator (Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger) offers maximum process versatility with the ability to continuously cook or cool a range of both viscous or particulate food products.  Continuous cooking by the Viscotator gives throughputs from 250 to 4000 kgs/hour. This cooking combination is appropriate for all confectionery syrups in particular toffees, caramels or liquorice.  We also offer continuous cooking of simple syrups using plate heat exchangers.



BCH manufacture a range of extruders for the confectionery industry, including side flow, twin screw, continuous or batch fed.  Primarily designed to handle liquorice, liquorice allsorts, fruit twist and sugar pastes, these extruders can also handle other viscous food pastes and gels.  With the addition of the Flow Divider, which ensures even weight distribution of product.


BCH are now able to extrude:

  • Caramels
  • Fudge
  • Fondant
  • Gels
  • Fat based products
  • Multi layered biscuit products
  • Low viscosity fruit extrusions


Cooling Tunnels

A BCH cooling tunnel or process conveyor can be incorporated into a full process line using a fast and simple installation.  The conveyor widths are available from 300-2000mm in modular stainless steel sections and apply a hygienic design for easy access and cleaning.  The cooling tunnels use a high velocity air cooling with water cooled tables or parallel air flow cooling above and below the belt.  If required optional customised features can be easily added.


Multi-Tier Cooling and/or Drying Tunnel

The 3-tier construction has at its core a structure of stainless steel pipework, which not only acts as the frame for the tunnel, but also the ductwork delivering air through laser-cut slots at 20m/s onto the product. Each tier can be individually controlled for process control.


Advantages of Multi-Tier Cooling:-

  • Reduces floor space
  • Design achieves maximum cooling and drying efficiency
  • Easy access to product
  • Easy access for cleaning



BCH offer a range of Guillotines, including the Standard Automatic, High Speed and Ultrasonic Cut to the food and confectionery industries, all designed to maximise the flexibility of any production line.  Designed to cut continuous ropes of extruded liquorice and fruit chew, the guillotines are also capable of cutting cakes, savoury and biscuit products. The guillotines can be modified to suit specific customer requirements.


Ranges available are:

Standard Automatic Intermittent – cut speeds of 0 – 200 cuts per minute

High Speed – cut speeds of 0 – 580 cuts per minute

Automatic Ultrasonic Cut – cut speeds of 0 – 100 cuts per minute


All our Guillotines are hygienically designed and constructed from stainless steel, food grade plastics and aluminium, easy-to-clean and competitively priced.


Please contact sales@bchltd.com for further information