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Micro Extrusion Line

The BCH economical confectionery extrusion line is a cost-effective solution for new start-up companies as well as certain developing markets within the Middle East, Africa and Asia who wish to gain a foothold in the sector, without committing huge initial outlay. BCH expects its user-friendly and easy-to-install solution to be of interest to those niche companies serving smaller segments of the confectionery industry. The extrusion line presents a viable option as users invariably lack the large sales volumes to warrant investment in larger, more expensive production lines and may also offer advantages to test kitchens environments.


In addition to its ability to extrude traditional confectionery products, BCH’s extrusion line has also been designed in tune with the continued move towards more responsible, healthy-eating attitudes. As a result, the new line offers the capability for 100% fruit and vegetable extrusion to suit the latest consumer trends for natural, organic and clean ingredient labels on snack products.




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