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BCH is regarded as the world leader and has built an extensive knowledge base in the processing and handling of very viscous products like liquorice / licorice and fruit twist. In fact BCH produced their first liquorice / licorice press 170 years ago, in 1835, and has been producing equipment for liquorice ever since.






This has been as a result of a high demand to develop new products and innovation. A number of full turnkey process lines have recently been completed for various confectionerymanufacturers across Europe and America, including fully automated lines for the production of both continuous extruded liquorice / licorice and liquorice / licorice allsorts.


From design and manufacture BCH can offer full ingredient feed systems to final guillotining offering product flexibility in terms of co-extrusion combinations and glazed or sugar dusted finishes.


Neil Brown, Technical Sales, BCH Ltd, explains, “Increasingly within the confectionery industry, there are niche providers, striving to differentiate themselves by offering something more special and exquisite than the mass producers. By offering an economical confectionery extrusion line, we are enabling this ‘retro’ market to operate in this smaller-run market segment.”


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